Love Selling: 12 Steps to Sales Success

How to sell without selling out | taught by Audrey Chapman
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Audrey Chapman
Audrey Chapman
Love Selling Academy Director

About the Instructor

From the shop floor to the boardroom, Audrey has had many years of sales success and taught others the same, earning the reputation for being one of those enviable over-achievers successfully delivering change for businesses at all levels. Working with start-ups through to plc’s her success is down to her ability to create sales openness and a razor-sharp system to get clarity about how sales should serve both business and their customers.

Inspirational and innovative, Audrey specialises in helping others achieve sales success in a fun, relaxed and stress-free environment. The key she believes to creating motivated, engaged and happy sales people. Students and coaching clients flourish under her guidance whilst corporate companies enjoy immediate success from the bespoke programs that are designed, managed and delivered for them.

If you have any questions about the course before you begin please do email me. Get ready to dive deep into the world of LOVE SELLING!

LOVE SELLING - 12 Steps to Sales Success

You need to sell, your business depends on it. With no sales there is no income and no business.

As a sole trader, a small business owner or new in your first sales role, you need the tools, tactics and clear guidance on how to get those sales coming in.

Audrey Chapman is a #1 bestselling author, accomplished tutor, coach and speaker and has spent almost three decades applying, teaching and improving the philosophy and processes outlined in this course.

In LOVE SELLING: 12 Steps to Sales Success she shares the foundation of her revolutionary approach on how to sell without selling out. In each of the 12 lessons (contained within four easy to follow modules), Audrey guides her students through the steps in her own unique style. Warm, upbeat, and practical, she reveals how it is possible for any willing student to create profitable and sustainable sales results without having to sell out.

Module 1: The genuine yes

Module 2: How to dive into your customer’s world

Module 3: How to involve your customer

Module 4: Purposeful products

Whether you are just starting out in sales or a seasoned sales person, when these lessons are integrated into daily practice they deliver outstanding results; for the student AND the customer. Don't listen to the common sales conversation which historically focuses on ‘closing’; instead find a new way of selling starting with a deep conversation about ‘opening’.

So do you want to?

Radically improve your selling success while keeping your integrity intact

Grow your sales more easily and without sales pressure on you or your prospects

Discover why focusing on ‘closing’ sales can stunt your sales growth

Learn to LOVE selling; either for the first time or all over again

If the answer is yes then the LOVE SELLING method is for you. It will positively change and improve how you feel about selling immediately.

Course Contents

19 Videos
2.5 hrs